On-Camera Coaching 


The news of your upcoming  media appearance is exciting. Someone out there thinks that what you have to say or offer is going to be of interest to a mass audience!  Then reality strikes. You are going to be on TV. It's going to be live with who knows how many people watching. You'll be wondering, "Where do I look? Where do I put my hands? What are they going to ask me?"  If you are a chef, fashion or a fitness expert, you may also have to do a "demo".  You'll have the same questions, but you'll also wonder "How am I going to do all of THAT in 4 minutes?"

Your On-Camera coaching session will allow you to rehearse your segment on camera  several times with veteran  television host Dawn Chubai. You will have the opportunity to review and repeat several times during your session allowing you to get the "kinks" out before you do it for real. Think of it as personal training for TV and Radio!


Corporate and Private Media Training




Emcee and Auctioneering


The amount work and cost involved in producing a major event like a convention, an awards ceremony or even a corporate Christmas party truly demands a professional "front person" to tie it  all together.With several hundred events on her resume,  King Willow Management's Dawn Chubai  has the  ability to command audience attention and keep the event on track,  putting her in high demand for her services as both an Emcee and Celebrity Auctioneer.


Whether you are a PR Firm or Corporation needing to develop your client/ staff and their On-Camera persona, working though communicating  key messages within an interview in an organic way, or an individual who just needs practice session for an upcoming interview, you couldn't ask for a better coach than someone who does this for a living! With experience in segment and location producing, King Willow Management's Dawn Chubai can also help you and your clients peel away the layers of a raw idea to expose what will be perfect "pitch" to various media platforms, giving you the best possible chance for exposure of your product.